MCAP Membership Directory

This directory is for MCAP members and other professionals.

It was prepared by members to make information available about psychologists in Middlesex County. The information in this directory has been provided by our members.

Your results for the Other orientations

First name Last namesort Orientation Location sort
Michelle Deering Attachment and Object Relations Somerset
Diane Handlin Ph.D. Jungian Metuchen
Deirdre Kramer Relational Highland Park
Barbara Menzel Self Psychology Piscataway
Tania Mara Miller, Psy.D. Relational Highland Park
Peter Richman, Ph.D. Couples Highland park
Karen Riggs Skean Mind/Body Approaches (EMDR, Sensorimotor) Highland Park
Elissa Rozov Ph.D. neurobiological Highland Park
Stephanie Sasso PsyD Relational Highland Park
Deana Stevens Psy.D. Contemporary psychoanalytic Metuchen
Barbara Tocco Ed.D. Client Centered Highland Park
Ken Verni Psy.D. Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy Highland Park

This directory is not a referral service. MCAP does not endorse any individual members. For a referral to a psychologist, call the New Jersey Psychological Association at 800-281-NJPA (6572).